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Day 4 Final Performances | Master Performance Practices

  • Finals

Welcome to the Final Performance of our First Year Students!

Day 4: Performances by Maya Nitzan, Zandile Darko, and Katrina Duka.


ArtEZ Onderlangs 9 Arnhem

This is an an ArtEZ finals event

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Day 4 Final Performances | Master Performance Practices

Who are you anyway by Maya Nitzan | Theater 3 | 17:00

Meet Cιline, 27, single. In her tiny wild world, Cιline loves to chat with strangers and meet new people. Through others she gets to know herself better, and by knowing herself she learns more about others. You are invited to witness her live-stream chat where she reveals all her naughty little secrets. Just make sure to be quiet so that the participants won't know they are being watched. 

WHO ARE YOU ANYWAY? is a performative event developed as part of an artistic research exploring the tension between fiction and reality. Through embodying a fictional character inspired by real people and integrating this character into a real-life situation, the research questions how representation can not only describe the world we live in but do something in that world. The incorporation of representationalism into performativity within a pseudo-reality setup aims to reclaim storytelling's ability to captivate our imagination and deeply affect us so that we come to experience the fictional as real. 

In this project, Cιline's character is a vehicle to explore the dark side of our digital age, where the screen has become a central feature of our interpersonal communication, inevitably shaping our perceptions of reality.

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The turtles that never met by Zandile Darko | Theater 2 | 18:00

In this performance, Zandile Darko – or should we rather say a turtle? – mediates through different times and geographical spaces, sharing her relations to humans, animals, ancestors and archives. Expect a lecture performance setup, with books, a laptop, and scattered costumes. 

It all started with colonial objects at the Zoological Museum in Zandile's hometown Hamburg. Well, it started when she engaged with a specific turtle at the Zoological museum. Actually, that's not quite true; the beginning really happened when Zandile decided she wanted to investigate how she could embody animals. To be honest, the beginning is not quite clear … what we certainly know is that one hundred twenty years ago two pet turtles were held by members of the artist's family in Ghana and what is today Poland. 

How can different perspectives and stories exist equally besides each other? The audience is invited to go on a journey and witness the artists practices of 'being in relation'.

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I know this much is true by Katrika Duka | Studio 4 | 7:00 pm

Every time you touch my skin, my guts make a cartwheel and melt to my knees. My pelvis is swollen, and I am scared shitless. 

I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE is a confrontation between queer desires and internalized homophobia that surfaces in moments of intimacy. Sometimes coming to terms with one's sexuality demands being painfully honest to oneself and the prejudices the body carries within. What if it was possible to detach a part of yourself and have a conversation with it, and get to know it better before merging back into one body? 

I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE is a negotiation of space between a human body and slime.

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