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Final exam Jozefien Klop

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Between June 7th and July 1st 2021, the final exam performances of the 4th year bachelor and master students Jazz & Pop will take place.

Online Event

This is an an ArtEZ finals event

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finals Jazz & Pop Arnhem
finals Jazz & Pop Arnhem

My name is Jozefien and on the 11the of June I will play my final exam after studying Jazz and Pop Vocals. For my final concert I will tell and sing about what I find magical about songwriting and music. I will take you to the place (my cabin) where I write my songs. The most fascinating thing about music to me is that it purely gets created by our imagination. You can use colors, sounds and ideas you haven’t actually heard before. You will get a view through the windows of my cabin. The concert will exist of only original songs and I have the honor to play with close friends that I have met during the studies. 

Music style: Experimental pop, melancholic chamber pop, psychedelic pop, folk 


Guitar: Oscar Reijers 
Bass: Egbert Visser 
Piano: Kirsten Koch 
Piano: Mikula Schulz 
Drums: Melvin van Wilsem 
Backing vocals: Marieke Bakker
Poster photos: Oscar Reijers 
Poster design: Nicole Sellmeijer 

The final exam of Jozefien Klop can be watched live on Facebook on June 11 from 19:00h. 

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Participating students

Jozefien Klop