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Online portfolio review Graphic Design Arnhem

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Online portfolio review Graphic Design Arnhem


Graphic Design Arnhem offers monthly portfolio reviews by students and tutors from the department. This is an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your work, ask questions and receive practical tips and tricks for your application at ArtEZ. Make an appointment by clicking on the link below now!

You can choose from the following times in the registration form:
(there is only 1 place available per time block, so be quick!)

GDA online portfolio review 1 - 13.30-13.45 (CET)
GDA online portfolio review 2 - 13.50-14.05 (CET)
GDA online portfolio review 3 - 14.10-14.25 (CET)
GDA online portfolio review 4 - 14.30-14.45 (CET)
GDA online portfolio review 5 - 14.50-15.05 (CET)

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