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Online Meet and Greet Design Art Technology

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Online Event Rietveldgebouw, Onderlangs 9
Online Meet and Greet  Design Art Technology
Online Meet and Greet Design Art Technology

Design Art Technology trains a wide spectrum of makers; from designers to autonomous artists. You will learn to shape our technological world in an innovative and artistic way, and use technology for artistic expression. You will design and experiment with interactive systems that can take many forms: from websites, videos, (data) visualisations, apps, games and wearables to virtual worlds, machines, instruments and interactive installations. Design Art Technology is therefore a unique study program that challenges you to shape our new world.

Are you interested in Design Art Technology and do you want to experience what it is like to be an DAT-student for a day? We are organising an online meet&greet where you are very welcome together with other students for questions, practical information and a DAT-experience.

Before registering, you could contact Mrs Anke van Loon, coordinator Design Art Technology in Arnhem. Her email address is: a.vanloon@artez.nl