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Artists who recently graduated guide new graduates by telling their stories

Artists who recently graduated guide new graduates by telling their stories
29 Jun 2018
29 Jun 2018
Artists who recently graduated guide new graduates by telling their stories

Today, a unique guide is published that has been created specifically for all new graduates of ArtEZ University of the Arts, about life as an artist or performer in the first after getting your degree.

The publication, 'Work it, Make it, let me guide you after ArtEZ', created in collaboration with ArtEZ alumni, follows the chronology of life in the first year after graduation. It includes inspiring stories about the wealth of possibilities, searching for a new daily rhythm, raising your profile, putting a price tag on your work, working for free, facing doubts, jumping in at the deep end and networking, and numerous other experiences.

Common thread

Since 2013, around 50 home bloggers have written about their life after graduation, entrepreneurship and innovating. Their blogs were posted on the website of the ArtEZ Art Business Centre. Authors Jante Wortel, Nick Felix and Annemieke Dannenberg, three graduates of the Creative Writing course, identified the common tread in the blogs, gathered the best quotes, and added their own experiences.

For any by alumni

The publication was designed by STUKK Design, Kim Waterlander and Marjanne Kuipers, alumni of the Graphic Design course in Arnhem. All ArtEZ finalists will receive the publication this year along with their degree certificate.

 “Once you've graduated, a new chapter of your life will start. This handbook will help you on your way. We can't tell you how to live your life as an artist. But you can read and find out how others have done it”. 

Go online to read Work it, Make it, let me guide you after ArtEZ >>

 About the ArtEZ Art Business Centre 

Artists and performers are of vital important to the future. The quicker they hit their stride after completing their course, the quicker they will be able to take up their role in the professional field. For the past 10 years, the ArtEZ Art Business Centre has been helping artists and performers who recently graduated from ArtEZ by sharing knowledge about cultural entrepreneurship. This has led to the creation of a large network with interesting partners and companies. Thanks to the initiatives of the ArtEZ Art Business Centre, ArtEZ alumni regularly meet up with representatives of the public sector and business community.



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