Quality assurance and recognition

ArtEZ stands for art education at an international standard of recognised quality. Quality assurance is how we achieve this ambition.

Dancers at ArtEZ School of Dance
Dancers at ArtEZ School of Dance

What does ‘recognised quality’ mean?

All study programmes at institutions of higher education in the Netherlands must meet certain national requirements for education set by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). What do we do to improve our quality?

Working on innovation

We think it is important to know how students, lecturers and alumni value the education we provide. What are we doing well? What could we do better? Hence, we regularly ask them to give their honest opinions in various surveys, including the employee satisfaction survey. Our students also take part in the annual National Student Survey (NSE), an annual national survey in which approximately 650,000 students are invited to give their opinions on programmes at institutions of higher education. Finally, we ask leading professionals from professional practice to help us reflect on our education. Based on their views, we strengthen and update the content of our programmes together with education experts, in line with current developments in professional practice.

Working on synergy

At ArtEZ, a quality assurance team is on hand to support the programme leaders. Staff of the Education and Quality department assist programmes, for example by preparing evaluations and improvement plans, as well as by hosting a site with formats for educational development and information about the national, international and ArtEZ framework for quality assurance. We also work on the professionalisation of lecturers and management together with the staff of Human Resources.

Working on transparency

We use the online system Digital Course Portfolio (DigOport) to demonstrate that our programmes meet the quality requirements. With DigOport, ArtEZ is able to design portfolios for the programmes, faculties, support services and institutions. In the portfolios, ArtEZ provides insight into how it continually works to implement improvements.

Quality Assurance Plan 2015-2021

The ambitions and plans for quality assurance in all parts of the organization are laid down in the Quality Assurance Plan 2015-2021. The Quality Assurance Plan is in line with the Institutional Plan 2016-2021.