Institute Council

The ArtEZ Institute Council is the central representative body. Its objective is to promote openness, public clarity and mutual consultation.

The Institute Council is involved - wether invited or not - with the resolutions and plans that affect ArtEZ. Comprising ArtEZ staff members and students, it meets ten times a year, five times of which entail the presence of the Board of Governors. A wide variety of policy issues are discussed that concern ArtEZ.

Find here the Student-Staff Participation Regulations

The ArtEZ Institute Council consists of:


  • Minka Schipper


  • Rick Steggerda


  • Heiko Lentfer 
  • Ward Meijer
  • Marie-Louise Moonen

Student members:

  • Caya Brunings
  • Rosalie Meijer
  • Paul Reedeker
  • Jessie Wijburg

The Institute Council is supported by the official secretary Annely Bouwmeister.


Contact with the Institute Council? Send an email to