Institute Council

The ArtEZ Institute Council is the central representative body. Its objective is to promote openness, public clarity and mutual consultation.

The Institute Council is involved - wether invited or not - with the resolutions and plans that affect ArtEZ. Comprising ArtEZ staff members and students, it meets ten times a year, five times of which entail the presence of the Board of Governors. A wide variety of policy issues are discussed that concern ArtEZ.

Find here the Student-Staff Participation Regulations

The ArtEZ Institute Council consists of:


  • Minka Schipper:


  • Rick Steggerda:

Eva Kramer
Heiko Lentfer
Annemieke Vink
Ward Meijer
Pieter Douma

Caya Brunings
Rosalie Meijer
Nine Postma
Levi Ram
Paul Reedeker
Malika Soudani
Edo Stolk 
Jessie Wijburg

The Institute Council is supported by the official secretary Janneke Nieuwstad:


Contact with the Institute Council? Send an email to