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Minor Create Space

Minor Create Space

We live in liquid and uncertain times. Our climate is changing, brain-computer interfaces will gain a significant impact on our lives in the next decades, and even our decision-making tools – democracy & economics – are in flux. At the same time, we find ourselves working in traditional research and education structures. Where artists and scientists work in different universities, and the knowledge they create is not equally valued.

In order to research the wicked problems our society faces today, we need to go from the differentiated sciences and arts to understanding the world as a whole. Create Space is an educational platform for a new and creative science that looks at research as a creative process, and arts as an equally valued way of knowledge building. Create Space gives its participants the possibility to prototype and research new possible futures, driven by personal and fundamental questions related to the all societal, environmental or scientific challenges of our generation. Participants are challenged to develop a new creative language that allows them to articulate and share possible futures with people from their universities, but also with societal partners. We aim to have an impact beyond our own studio with the research done at Create Space.

In 2018, Dr. Edwin van Meerkerk (RU), Dr. Jeroen Lutters (ArtEZ), Thieme Stap (RU) and Cassandra Onck (ArtEZ) initiated a new shared minor programme that could elevate knowledge and skills from arts and sciences and would be embedded in the curricula of both ArtEZ University of the Arts as Radboud University.

In March 2019, they organised the Create Space Spring School. An incentive week in a shared space outside of the RU and ArtEZ where students and teachers from both universities came together to create the programme for the Create Space Minor. This programme was further developed into the full 15 EC minor that will have its first run from February 2020 till June 2020.

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