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In-Depth Theory on the Honours Programme

ArtEZ practice-oriented Bachelor’s courses frequently have only limited space for theory and research. However, more and more students are wanting to invest extra energy in expanding their theoretical knowledge and skills. The Honours Programme provides a first-rate opportunity to do this.


The Honours Programme is a two-year curriculum that supplements the Bachelor’s course. Motivated students of all disciplines may attend it. This interdisciplinary programme offers not only the chance to study theory in-depth but also the possibility to conduct research in the field of your chosen course. In this way, students develop an investigative attitude, acquire substantial intellectual baggage and strengthen their interdisciplinary focus.


A selection of research projects by students who graduated from the Honours Programme in 2013, is available in the online ArtEZ Finals Magazine.



During the first year, you will follow lectures on the various knowledge areas of the arts such as the theory and history of the contemporary arts, philosophy, aesthetics, sociology and humanities. In addition, there will be an emphasis on research, which you will also learn to present. The programme in the second year is geared towards an assignment that you will formulate yourself. In consultation with your coach, you will draw up your own research programme. Apart from written research, you can also opt for artistic research that involves a combination of a text and a practice based work.


Class times

Generally, these sessions are held on Wednesday evenings (from 7 to 9.15 pm) and also on six Saturdays in Deventer.


Study load

The two-year Honours Programme involves a total study load of 30 EC. You will devote approximately seven hours a week to private study and/or group work. Six plenary Saturdays are planned at points throughout the year and ad hoc appointments are also made.


After the course

The Honours Programme presents you with a great deal of theory. This can assist you in your professional practice and can also create a solid basis for courses in non-arts subjects. After completing the Programme, you will be awarded a certificate along with your degree. This can help you in transferring to a University Master’s course either at home or abroad. The curriculum can also be adapted individually in terms of the next course that you wish to attend.


Study load
Two years alongside your Bachelor’s course; 30 EC



Course requirements
A completed foundation phase as of 1 September of the second course year. You must have gained at least a 7 for theory subjects.


A written motivation and a verbal explanation


Attending the Honours Programme involves no additional expenses.


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