Language requirements

All our study programs have language requirements. You will need to prove your language proficiency by handing in a certificate stating your level. Find out what level is required for your study program:

Architecture and Interior language requirements
Art & Design and Creative Writing language requirements
Education in Art language requirements
Dance & Theatre language requirements
Music language requirements

Important notice!

As of the 1st of September 2014 students from Austria, Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden may be exempted from taking an English test. Please review the Diploma List to see if you are exempted from handing in a language proficiency certificate.

We strongly advise you to take a course in your home country. To find Dutch courses in your home country, you can contact the Dutch embassy. Dutch language courses are usually offered at different levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced level. There are several ways to go about learning Dutch:

• check the library or council office for brochures on courses
• find a language buddy
• take classes at an evening school
• follow a course at a higher education institution
• follow a summer course

There are also courses you can take during the summer to learn Dutch. Take a look at the summer courses offered by the Taalunie and see if you are eligible for a scholarship. Note that these courses are intended for advanced students.

Dutch language courses for international students
A number of university centres offer courses in Dutch as a second language. The courses are specially designed for foreign students who have otherwise qualified for admission to Dutch higher education, but must first prove that they have mastered the language sufficiently.
The courses are available at different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. The advanced courses prepare students for the state examination in Dutch, known as the NT2 exam.

Prices and links
The prices of the courses vary considerably. The costs for a complete series of intensive lessons can range from € 250 to € 2,500.
Below is an overview of institutions offering NT2 courses, with their websites.

• Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences: Language Centre
• Delft University of Technology:
  Centre for Languages and Academic Skills
• Eindhoven University of Technology:
  Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
• Erasmus University Rotterdam: Language and Training Centre
• Fontys: Language Centre
• HAN University of Applied Sciences: HAN Talencentrum
• Hanze University of Applied Sciences: Language Centre
• Leiden University: Academic Language Centre
• Maastricht University: Language Centre
• Radboud University Nijmegen: Radboud in'to Languages
• Tilburg University: Language Center
• University of Amsterdam: 
  Institute for Dutch as a second language
• University of Groningen:Language Centre
• University of Twente: TCP Language Centre
• Utrecht University: Babel Talen
• VU University Amsterdam:
  Department Dutch as a second language
• Wageningen University: Language



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