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Master of Theatre Practices

The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices has evolved from the Master of Choreography (MoC) and now incorporates expanded notions of theatre, including dance and choreography. The partially residential programme sees artistic practice and research as dynamically inter-related practices; as sources for embodied and intellectual enquiry that, when rigorous, can challenge, rejuvenate or even trespass more traditional methods of artistic production and education. In two years time the Master builds a strong platform for artistic and intellectual development in an interdisciplinary environment.


The programme connects to international theatre practices, offering the artists the possibility to critically engage with complex and changing cultural, social and political contexts by furthering their artistic development and by (re)defining their practice through research.


TECHNOKRETS Meijering&Bloos, photo: Reynoud van der Molen


The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices programme aims to support practice-as-research in the field of the performing arts, including expanded notions of theatre as well as dance and choreography. Seeking to move beyond the binary model of theory versus practice, we acknowledge and encourage diversity and plurality in creative processes by means of artistic research. We aim to further educate and to empower makers to be self-critical, proactive, and able to sustain their artistic singularity within the contextual embedding of their practice.


The ArtEZ Master of Theatre Practices enjoys the privilege of maintaining a selective group of international artists holding Bachelor’s degrees (and/or proved professional experience) providing each individual with an opportunity to design and do independent research in close dialogue with teachers and mentors, as well as the professional field.


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Open day Theatre Practices

30th September 2015


Master of Arts
CROHO 49103


Study load
2 years, full-time


Partially residential:

Taught sessions in Arnhem

(+/- 3 months a year)


English, check the language requirements

Entrance criteria
Artists holding a bachelor’s degree in higher vocational training in the arts (equivalent to hbo) and/or proved relevant professional experience. Application for the 2016-2018 programme between 1 october and 1 december 2015.


Photo: Duncan de Fey








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