The Dance in Education programme trains you in all aspects of the field, giving you a broad social perspective. The programme provides room to explore your personal interests by doing a specialised internship in the fourth year and working on projects that allow you to specialise, such as the Mini Dance Festival and the Dance in Education Event. You learn to quickly spot the potential and fascinations of other people, enabling you to provide inspiring and varied lessons. The programme focuses on four specific roles: a teacher, maker, dancer and entrepreneur. After completing your degree, you will be an independent, entrepreneurial dance teacher fully equipped to fulfil these four roles in the broad professional field.


Practice company
During your course, you will be introduced to the practice company, which takes on outside assignments that are incorporated into your programme. This in turn gives you an opportunity to carry out assignments for real clients while you are still a student. It also means that you can prepare for your future professional practice in the best possible way.


Working with Boys Action
ArtEZ School of Dance includes a special programme for boys, which involves a close working relationship with the Boys Action Foundation. It is included in not only this course but also the Preparatory Course and the Bachelor of Dance Course. Further information is available (in Dutch) at




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Photo: Robert Benschop







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